The ending fields, the departing sun, the observing child

It was around sunset, in the corners of the unsunk lands of Berkeley in California. No motor cars. No bikes. No cell phones. No technology, other than the fabrics on the bodies and the thoughts in the mind. I could see a father laying down for rest all the way to the left, the mother sitting to the right, and the child standing all the way to the right. Or were they simply a male, female and a child? Was I even right about the genders? I am not sure. The man was looking up straight to the sky. The female in the middle was looking straight while sitting down on the grass.

It was the child that caught my attention. There was nothing special about the child. I did not even see to make sure if it was a short person who was a child from within, or someone who was a child. This child, as I should call this being, stood a bit diagonal to the other male and female, facing an angle from the front that crossed paths as an intersection and an angle with what the female was looking at straight, and with what the male was looking at above him. Maybe the child was a robot. Maybe the child was a zombie. Maybe the child was everything in a being that enchanted and amazed the mind into standing in such a situation and wondering how glorifying such a situation may be.

The child was facing towards the sun. Was the child looking at the sun? Was the child simply standing and looking at the ocean below the sun? Was the child looking at me through side glances, wondering how I will react because of the child facing the sun? Was the child playing with some religious people into making them think that this was a revelation scene? Only the child knows, though I wonder if the child forgot also as time passed, being absorbed into the action itself without realizing what the purpose of this absorbing experience was.

As I write this, I am tempted to include what that person was thinking. “I am so rich and spoiled, it’s disgusting! This place is so poor and relaxing!“, or “I am so rich and spoiled, what the hell are we doing at this place??“, or “I am so happy, I love these 2!“, or “I wish this moment never ends!“, or “I am a figment of my imagination!“, “I am a figment of Bes’s imagination“, or “I have to check MySpace soon! I wonder how many comments I have gotten so far.“, or “I have to check this facebook site out“, or “I should buy this picture from that person down there and put the picture on myspace!“, or “To be or not to be! That is the stupid stereotypical question!“, or “Hey, I’m just a kid! I’m not supposed to think of anything!“, or “I hope we don’t go home soon, otherwise I’ll have to do homework!“, or “Aww crap, I better go home soon as homework must be done either way, or the teacher tomorrow humiliates me“, or “I wonder what will happen if I roll these 2 down this hill towards that camera person“, or “I am standing this way so Bes can write about me“, or maybe something else like “Bes is a figment of my imagination.

I turned around to see if someone was observing me. No one was. I am not sure if I was happy or disappointed for the opposite reasons. I was hungry, so I had to leave the child and her 2 companions behind. They also probably left soon to go home to the safety of spending the supposedly scary night in their home. Maybe one day I’ll run into someone who goes home to the safety of spending the scary day in the house instead.

The sun slowly went away. The fields stayed there, though.

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